Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Agoraphobia and Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms

Agoraphobia is a miserable ailment. It is an anxiety related disorder which is strongly linked to panic attacks and the FEAR of having anxiety panic attack symptoms. Literally, agoraphobia means "fear of open spaces". But, what it actually is is a fear of experiencing panic attack sysmptoms in public, "unsafe" places. That is why the agoraphobic is often afraid to step outside the home. He/she is afraid of losing control in a public place by having a panic attack.

Anxiety panic attack symptoms are unpleasant, to say the least. Sometimes the victim hyperventilates or chokes, shakes uncontrollably, perspires profusely or suffers a racing pulse. Sometimes there is an accompanying detachment from reality or fear of death.

The symptoms of anxiety panic attacks are so severe and traumatic that often the victim will go to any length to prevent them recurring. This can lead to someone staying inside (very often at home or in the hospital) for long periods of time because that is where it is preferable to have an anxiety panic attack.

Natural cures for panic attacks can be extremely helpful in dealing with the cause and results of panic attacks.

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Anonymous said...

Agoraphobia is a condition that develops gradually. In general it occurs after a panic attack. After the first attack you may subconsciously be preparing for another attack and fearing the symptoms that will leave you feeling helpless. This cycle of panic attack and impending panic attack can cause you to change your entire lifestyle just to avoid those feelings of terror. As panic attacks can occur anywhere at anytime, we generally associate the first place that we feel helpless as perhaps the reason for our terror.